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March 5 Vote On New Jersey Food Waste Recycling Bill

State Senate takes up legislation that requires large generators to source separate and recycle food waste. 

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NJ Composting Council

Matthew Karmel and Corinne Coe of  the NJ Composting Council will be speaking at this years


January 15/2019

U.S. Composting Council (USCC) members from the state of New Jersey have affiliated with the USCC as an official state Charter Chapter. The N.J. Composting Council (NJCC) is a nonprofit focused on promoting the composting and organics recycling industry in New Jersey.

The organizers of the NJCC work in the consulting, nonprofit, public education and legal fields. The organizing Board of Trustees includes: Ryan Cerrato of WeCare Denali Organics, Corinne Coe of Sustainable Generation, Gary Cooper of South Jersey Agricultural Products, Erik Gutt of Vermeer North Atlantic, Matthew Karmel of Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP and Jairo E. Gonzalez of Waste ProGreen. Gonzalez also will serve as the president of the NJCC; Michael Recchia of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP will serve as treasurer; and Isaac Bearg, a management consultant, will serve as secretary.

"Our newly installed trustees and officers have diverse experience in the composting and organics recycling industry, and NJCC plans to leverage this experience for the benefit of our members and all of New Jersey," said Gonzalez in a statement.

The new group welcomes all New Jersey businesses and residents involved in the compost manufacturing and organics recycling industry and allied organizations. The group has begun to build a coalition of industry members within New Jersey and will continue to recruit members in 2019.

The NJCC also plans to focus in 2019 on educating state regulators, local officials and the public about the importance of the compost and organics recycling industry to New Jersey's environment and its economy and on advocating for regulations and legislation that benefit the industry and the market for compost in the state.

"The NJCC has put together the resources and the organizational structure to become a powerful force in New Jersey in their outreach to state regulators and legislators in their state," said Frank Franciosi, USCC executive director, in a statement. "These efforts are critically important in a state with a shortage of organics recycling capacity."

The N.J. Composting Council is a nonprofit focused on promoting the composting and organics recycling industry in New Jersey.

Compost2019 CONFERENCE

NJCC news Compost2019 conference

November Meeting Follow Up


NJCC Friends and Members,
We could not be more fired up about the turnout and the discussion last week!
We had members from every part of the state and across the river. Members who represent a plethora of technologies, and expertise within the industry and we want EACH of you to know there is a place for you within the NJCC.
At the meeting, we had a fantastic presentation from Elsa Higby of the Queens Botanical Garden and NYC Compost Project and then we discussed and the board approved of three new committees: Membership and Outreach, Education which will include science and technology and Advocacy which will include market development.
If you did not have a chance to express your interest in being part of one of these committees or would like more information please let us know. If you did we will be reaching out in the near future to confirm your participation.
Whether education and training opportunities, advocacy for better policy or simply networking with fellow interested parties brought you to the table we hope to engage each of our members.
Our committees will begin the process of setting specific goals in each of these areas but whether you are part of a committee or not we look forward to your input, and participation moving forward. Do not hesitate to contact us with your thoughts at any time.
Please also remember if you are not already a member of the USCC we strongly encourage you to do so and to register with a NJ address. Information and benefits of joining can be found on their website
Thanks again and we look forward to a great future!
Jairo E Gonzalez


Press Release

August 23, 2018


CEL (201)914-3633

New Jersey Forms US Composting Council Chapter

New Committee to Champion Compost Production/Organics Recycling in State

Morristown, NJ. USCC members from the State of New Jersey have affiliated with the US Composting Council as an official committee to promote the compost manufacturing industry under the umbrella of the USCC, it was announced today.

The New Jersey Compost Committee (NJCC) has been organized by a group of USCC members working in the consulting, non-profit, public education and legal fields. These members are working towards a more robust organics and food waste recycling industry in the state.

“Our group wants to work with state regulators and legislators to make it easier to open a compost production business here, and to educate our citizens about the importance of organics recycling,” said Jairo E. Gonzalez, Vice chair NJ USCC

The group, which is seeking New Jersey members, will educate state regulators, local officials and the public about the importance of the compost manufacturing industry to local waste management programs, and jobs and business development, as well as the benefits of using compost in commercial and residential landscaping, and for storm water management, erosion control and green infrastructure. The Committee and USCC will jointly take positions on regulations and legislation that affect the industry and the market for compost in the state.

“The USCC — and the compost industry — is most effective in states where a local and organized industry group is at the table,” said Frank Franciosi, executive director of the USCC. “Our chapters are important because their leadership is directly in touch with the members we work to serve.”

The New Jersey Committee becomes the eighth regional chapter of the USCC. Committees are groups on a path to become full-fledged Charter Chapters. The industry is expanding due to increased efforts at removing food scraps from disposal along with traditional yard trimmings. The demand side of the industry is expanding with the growing recognition of the beneficial uses of compost.

California, Minnesota, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina all have USCC Chapters, and Committees have been founded in Illinois and the Maryland-DC region.

For information about the New Jersey chapter, contact NJCC Co-Chair Jairo E. Gonzalez at or to start a chapter, contact USCC Membership Manager Linda Norris-Waldtat